Membrane Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an essential method to implement in homes and buildings: The covering assists in safeguarding structures from moisture ingress and pest infestation. Despite the existence of numerous waterproofing methods, membrane waterproofing stands out as being the most effective. Let’s discuss its benefits and uses.

 Advantages of Membrane Waterproofing

 Long-Lasting Protection

Sheet waterproofing provides long-term protection and endurance to heat, moisture, and other natural elements. High-quality membrane structures are sturdy and compact, unlike traditional methods that might fail over time. Given the right choice and circumstances, these membranes can last upto 10 years or more. A typical waterproofing sheet comprises of different materials, such as bitumen, rubber, or fabric.

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Adaptability & Versatility

The adaptability of membrane waterproofing is one of its key attributes. It can adhere to any surface and structure, such as flat roofs, sloping terraces, basements, or even foundation walls. According to Chris Bauer, “Membrane waterproofing are ideal for protecting bridge decks: It suits high-traffic areas, such as roofs.”

There are several types of membranes with different adhering techniques: Torch-applied, self-adhesive, and liquid adhesive are the most common:

  1. Sheet Based: These waterproofing membranes are applied to solid surfaces, such as roofs, basements, and swimming pools. Different materials are used for their manufacture, including HDPE, butyl, PVC, and Bentonite.
  2. Liquid: Liquid-based membranes are rolled or sprayed onto surfaces to provide a smooth, joint-free membrane. Because of no-joint application, liquid membranes are preferred by customers. Some common types of liquid waterproofing membranes are
  3. Water-based
  4. Solvent-based
  5. High Solids Urethane
  6. Cementitious-based

Continuous and Seamless Barrier

Imagine a waterproofing system with no gaps or cracks that could allow water to leak through and potentially jeopardize its efficiency. These systems are completely seamless, without any gaps for moisture and heat ingress. Membranes offer a continuous barrier across the entire surface. If your home or office building needs a durable covering of membrane waterproofing, contact Sky Chemical Services.

Energy Efficiency

Dark-colored roofs absorb the Sun’s energy and increase the Urban Heat Island effect. To counter it, you can apply a water and heat-proof coating of high reflectivity. Membrane waterproofing can minimize the energy needed for cooling devices, such as air conditioning and room coolers by keeping the interiors comfortable and humidity-free. Moreover, electricity costs are reduced significantly.

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Higher Aesthetics

The aesthetic appeal of membrane waterproofing depends on the specific context and the desired outcome. In numerous cases, membrane waterproofing is not exposed or visible to individuals; it is concealed beneath layers of finishing materials such as flooring, tiles, or wall cladding.

At most times, the primary concern is the functionality and effectiveness of the waterproofing system rather than its appearance. The goal is to prevent water infiltration and protect the underlying structure from damage caused by moisture. Therefore, the aesthetics of the membrane itself may not be a significant factor. However, there are instances where membrane waterproofing is visible, such as in certain types of roofs or below-grade applications. In such cases, the aesthetic aspect becomes more important. Membranes are available in various colors, finishes, and textures, allowing customization to match the overall design or visual effect.

Less Maintenance Required

Waterproofing membranes require less maintenance due to their durable and resilient nature. These membranes, typically made of materials like modified bitumen or synthetic polymers, offer excellent resistance against water, UV rays, and other environmental factors. Their seamless and continuous nature minimizes the chances of water penetration, preventing leaks and damage. Unlike other waterproofing methods, such as coatings or sealants, membranes are designed to withstand structural movements and fluctuations in temperature without cracking or deteriorating. With proper installation and periodic inspections, membrane waterproofing can provide long-lasting protection, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.


Membrane waterproofing is the best option for shielding your building from water damage. It can be applied in different sections, such as basements, and roofs. The benefits of membrane waterproofing are limitless: Durability, energy efficient, attractive appearance, and affordability are some examples.

Opt for Sky Chemical Services and enjoy a moisture-free environment.





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