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If you are facing heavy dampness over your walls, you might need to understand why performing a successful dampness treatment in Karachi is extremely difficult.

In most cases, the customers are often getting disappointment when learning from a professional waterproofing company that dampness treatment in Karachi is not that simple.

We would like to explain what factors come in the way which makes it difficult for people to perform a successful dampness treatment in Karachi.

Leakage source

The dampness comes over your walls because there’s leakage behind it. The leakage will surely come through single or multiple sources.

It’s vital to find sources and fix them accordingly, even if it requires breaking the walls to do it. It’s extra work, but simply applying chemical for dampness treatment in Karachi is not enough.

Hence make sure that the leakage source behind the walls is protected as much as possible, or the very least, fix the most prominent leakage sources.

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Surface material quality

The surface or wall from which seepage and dampness are coming through might be of low quality. It is also possible that because of under the par quality, dampness comes under observation.

If that’s the case, few options are remaining to ensure a professional dampness treatment in Karachi.

One solution which we advise is to repair the walls with an extra layer of concrete, either through plasterwork or by making wall replace with tiles. The main aim is to ensure that water dampness doesn’t come all over again over a few weeks or days at least.

Internal water draining

Sometimes it observed that internal passages are created either on its own or through human error, which paves way for wall dampness.

The leakage comes from the roof or another place, but with passage internally, the wall faces dampness at an unprecedented rate.

If’s that’s the case, it’s important to stop leakage through water sources all over your home. It’s extra work because ensure dampness treatment in Karachi for several worths of years requires extra effort in the end.

Security for several years

Because its essential to fix the wall dampness for several years, it’s evident that heavy repairs are required.

Sometimes it’s important to apply chemical application over the walls or do another form of construction work over your wall where the dampness is located.

It’s important to understand that simply by applying waterproofing chemical treatment is something not enough. It’s quite difficult to ensure that dampness treatment in Karachi works for several years.

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Applying waterproofing chemical not enough

Because we are a professional waterproofing chemical application company in Karachi, we have seen and observed multiple times that alone chemical treatment is sometimes not enough.

This is because the seepage over rooftops comes every time if there’s water leakage from the external side, or there’s some hidden passageway through where water keeps coming in unprecedently.

Applying chemicals does 50% of the job, while 50% of the job is handled by ensuring that the leakage source is secured throughout your walls and property.

It’s also possible that during heavy raining season, wall dampness comes under observations as well, which needs to be tackled through chemical treatment alone.

Try cement plaster

If everything fails, it’s a good option to provide better strength to your walls where you are facing an extreme case of dampness.

Through the application of cement plaster, the walls get a second layer of protection which will greatly improve its effectiveness and ensure a secure dampness treatment in Karachi.

Difficult to test dampness over walls

Let’s say you have applied either chemical application or concrete plaster over your walls. Unlike a horizontal surface where you can check the leakage or seepage firsthand, testing the walls is a little bit challenging.

The best course of action in this domain is to wait and see whether dampness is reemerging or not. It might take several weeks or months, or maybe it’s fixed for the better.

Looking to avail professional tuned dampness treatment in Karachi?

It’s important to understand that dampness treatment in Karachi is covered for the better. If it’s not the case, you can always apply the secondary security elements to boost the dampness protection for the better.

For all its worth, contact Sky Chemical Services to provide you complete security for your dampness worries professionally.

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