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There is only one form of the main chemical used for heat resistant paint for roof in Pakistan, which is known as elastomeric.

But most of the time, people use other means to secure themselves from high temperatures during the summer season, such as heat insulation material made both synthetically or naturally.

We would like to go in another direction and specifically talk about chemicals used for heat resistant paint for roof in Pakistan.

Ammonium Sulphate

Ammonium Sulphate is known as an inorganic salt. It’s white and the best feature for Ammonium Sulphate is that it’s nonflammable.

It can withstand the heat of 250 C without melting or changing its form. This chemical produced different compounds when it’s broken down after high temperature, namely, ammonia, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, and water.

There are other great uses of Ammonium Sulphate practically, such as it can be used as edibles and give safe status by United States Food and Drug Administration.

Through diluted sulphate mixture, it can be used as flame retardant chemicals as well.

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Boric Acid

Boric acid is white and it’s quite important for heat resistant paint for roof in Pakistan to have while coloring in its composition.

Property wise, boric acid is a colorless crystal that dissolves in water easily. Because Boric acid is found in abundance in Pakistan, its uses are also quite a lot for the practical world.

Talking about the uses, the fields in which boric acid comes into practice are in a wide range of different industries, such as Industrial, Medical, Insecticides, Preservation, pH buffer, Lubrication, Nuclear Power, Pyrotechnics, and agriculture.

Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride is the chemical name of house salt. It’s widely used in food and medicines along with its uses for heat resistant paint for roof in Pakistan.

At room temperature, Calcium Chloride is found in solid crystalline form, but it’s also great soluble in the liquid.

In most cases, Calcium Chloride is broken down through a chemical process from limestone. Because it’s found in abundance, the use of this chemical is also quite a lot.

It’s mostly used in food, de-icing, and over road carpeting. As for uses for heat proofing chemical, calcium chloride used as mixing to form as a high melting material, (up to 700 C) along with its limestone like natural white color to provide much-needed sun reflection over the roof.

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Calcium Hypochlorite

Calcium Hypochlorite is quoted popular chemical because of its distinctive white natural color. It’s applied over water treatment, to make it more secure as well as bleaching solution.

Because of its sharp composition, it’s also used as disinfectants and for sanitation. It’s completely safe to use and its structure is somewhat basic. It has an over 100 C melting point but decomposes during a boiling point.

With white color and bleaching quality, it’s quite a successful chemical used or heat resistant paint for roof in Pakistan.

Deflourinated Phosphate

Deflourinated Phosphate is a composition material that includes different chemicals intermixed together at 1400 C. The main ingredient of Deflourinated Phosphate is phosphate rock also known as calcium phosphate.

Talking about its uses as heat resistant paint for roof in Pakistan, the chemical has a high aptitude to withstand the harsh weather temperature without any trouble.

Want to apply heat resistant paint for roof in Pakistan for your home?

Chemically speaking, heat resistant paint for roof in Pakistan is nothing but white color paint which is applied over roof. Although different always is the chemical with different levels of heat and boiling points mixed to withstand the harsh weather brute force each day without fail.

If that’s the case and these chemicals play an important role in stopping the high temperature for good, it’s vital to have a solution over your roof through the expertise of Sky Chemical Services along with all the heat resistant paint for roof chemicals procured over the location.


  1. Shuaib
    June 11, 2021

    Cost of 2200 sq ft area for heat proofing. Which chemical or paint will be used?

  2. Muhammad Amin Rajput
    April 16, 2023

    I hope you are well, I am very happy to see your information, If I want this cooling paint , where can I get it? If I can get their price and details of how much will be used on how many square feet, it will be much better.

  3. Munawar Tiwana
    June 17, 2023

    AOA is heat resistant paint is good r best for roof in summer it’s actually work to stop heat ?? My second question is that what happens in winter with this paint I mean it increase cooling in winter??? Please guide me

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