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Heat proofing in Karachi is a service in which chemical application is followed with a canvas sheet spread over your roof. The main purpose of this service is to decrease the high temperature over your home.

Although the solution is pretty straight forward, often it’s observed that people are a little uncertain about the entire solution and for how long does this solution lasts.

We have curtained a comprehensive guide for heat proofing in Karachi through a different form of chemicals and how well you can get protected through by including years of life they can sustain unprecedented heat.

Types of chemical used in heat proofing in Karachi

There is mostly one form of chemical and several forms of material for comprehensive heat proofing in Karachi.

For the sake of our guide, we would like to declare the top 3 chemicals used for roof thermal proofing, especially over your roof.

Although, an approximation understand can be learned through these chemicals in the first place, but what is most interested in the eyes of customers is to find which chemical can withstand furthest.


The adhesive is a board term used for chemicals that has a feature of adjoining two materials, like glue. But in the world of roof thermal proofing, adhesive when mixed with white-colored chemicals helps reflect sunlight.

The main role of adhesive exists with a thermal insulation-based material that’s made from silicon carbide.

By applying it with fiber or cotton sheet, the resistivity can be increased at high temperatures for up to 1100-1400C in its lifetime.

Average life of Adhesive

As we have mentioned above the average temperature of adhesive based chemicals used for heat proofing in Karachi, which is of 1400 C, the adhesive makes it quite a cost-effective solution for the masses.

The main energy calculated from the sun is joules, and according to scientific findings, 1 C = 1899 Joules. As for the sun, we received over 1024 times of joules per centigrade.

Using adhesive based chemical for heat proofing in Karachi, it will provide around 3 years of security from high temperature over your roof.


Epoxy is a material used to protect floors as well as used for roof thermal proofing. It can withstand a high temperature of up to 150 C as well.

Although there are different types of epoxy available in the market. The one which works as heat proofing in Karachi comes in the form of epoxy resin.

There is another form of high heat epoxy, that looks like a glass structure and can withstand 300 C. People usually avail of epoxy service to hardened their floor and add more durability into the structure.

Average Life of Epoxy Resin

Talking about the average life of epoxy resin, which is mostly used as heat proofing in Karachi is around 3 years.

Most of the time, it’s the manufacturers that imply the accuracy of how much years does epoxy withstand the harshness of high temperature from the sun.

But talking about the least amount of life for epoxy coating, it usually stands at 1 year only.

Solar reflective compound

We would like to talk about the chemical which is purely laboratory-made and comes in various forms and sizes.

Known to be a nanoparticles-modified polymer-based solar reflective coating which is mostly applied over the surface with low sun reflective index and also higher conductivity, like your rooftop.

This chemical is mostly popular among energy-efficient homes, where high temperature adds more load to air conditioning units at the expense of the higher cost of energy consumption.

Average Life of Solar reflective compount

Although it’s a lightweight chemical that can withstand 60 C to temperature successfully, it’s used as a paint material over walls and roof.

As per other chemicals available in the market for heat proofing in Karachi, solar reflective coating only comes in white color, because it has a better reflective index as compared to others within the thermal spectrum.

The average life is 2 years with 1 year plus if applied on multiple coats.

Looking to avail heat proofing in Karachi over your roof?

Some solutions help secure yours from unprecedented global warming dangers, such as high temperature over the roof.

If you have made up your mind by availing a comprehensive solution for heat proofing in Karachi, simply contact Sky Chemical Services and we’ll give you a free of cost consultation at the earliest.

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