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The high temperature during summer is unbearable in Karachi. With unscheduled power cuts and heatwaves experiencing Karachi every other day, people are looking roof heat proofing in Karachi as a concrete solution to counter the heat.

Let’s learn how roof heat proofing in Karachi can repel the high temperature from our homes in Karachi, plus to answer the question, does everyone should avail the chemical-based solution in the first place?

Protection from the Heatwave

Why do people spend extra to protect themselves especially during the summer season in Karachi? It is because they simply can’t bear the smear heat coming out from the sun, which builds up to an extent of a heatwave.

During the heatwave, the only solution to protect ourselves is to remain hydrated or turning on air conditioning. With the electricity condition all too bleak in Karachi, the use of chemical-based solution comes to the rescue.

With the chemical applied to our roof, around 98% of the direct sunlight gets reflected, thus reducing the temperature to around 2 digits of centigrade.

Applied Instantly 

When things get tough in the heat, people are looking to apply solutions that work and apply fast. One of those solutions also includes roof heat proofing in Karachi.

Simply with 2-3 technicians and chemicals, the application can be started. No need for breaking anything and neither to bring a whole lot of heavy machinery.

At most by a day or two is needed for roof heat proofing in Karachi to get done, and another 24 hours to get it completely dried up. This is a fast and above all reliable solution to have for your roof, especially during high temperatures.

Result oriented

Roof heat proofing in Karachi is a solution with instant results. After it’s dried up, the result starts to come it, and the best part of this is there’s no off switch for roof heat proofing in Karachi.

The application for the entire roof is also possible, no matter how large it is, in mere days. Because people are generally interested to find results rather than empty works, many professional heat proofing experts check the temperature over the roof using temperature measurement devices as before and after measures.

This helps the customer to understand that a solution does works and provides much-needed results that clients are looking for in the first place.

Works on all types of roof

We understand that there are different materials used over the roof. It might be concrete, stones, rocks, or even metallic sheet, which becomes boiling during peak times in summer.

With the help of a comprehensive roof heat proofing in Karachi, we can ensure the complete protection of your roof on the matter of which type it’s made from.

Because of using a chemical-based solution, we can ensure to enjoy an all-rounded effect from the sun rays’ reflections once it hit over the coating-based roof.

Save energy costs

During summer, air conditioning usually runs for quite a while, especially during heatwaves. Although it’s there in the first place to make the room livable for humans.

But talking about financial wise, electric bills makes a big dent in our pockets. Through applying roof heat proofing in Karachi, there’s a definite chance to reduce your electric bills subsequently.

This is one of the best features which comes as a byproduct of the solution. Applying chemical over the roof will help to reflect high sun rays but ultimately with a less heated roof, the air conditioning will operate at is lower setting, thus saving energy costs.

Comes with warranty

Thanks to the professionalism as well as extreme competition in providing roof heat proofing in Karachi, customers can enjoy warranty with the product.

What does a warranty do for a chemical application is that it guarantees a level of degrees of heat inside your home? If it doesn’t, the company will visit again to apply a recoat of chemicals free of charge, so that it does.

This greatly benefits the customers in the first place, since the chemical application is considered a solution pretty new and out of the ordinary by many customers.

Looking to avail roof heat proofing in Karachi for your home?

If you like the idea of a reduction of heat without any off switch, contact Sky Chemical Services for a quiet and professional chemical-based solution for your roof.

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