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Construction chemicals have been playing an important role to meet the fast-paced demands of construction projects, especially large-scale projects. For the same reason, we find it a bit important to point out major types of construction chemicals in Karachi.

Some of the demands where construction chemicals in Karachi are needed are used in dams, tunnels, buildings, roads, and bridges.

Categorically, these construction chemicals in Karachi can be sorted as hardened concrete material, coating over the surface, or repair materials.

Concrete curing 

There are times when a contractor has to go through an inspection for their work. Concrete floor when is in presentable condition gives off a better result when compared to the untreated one.

To make your concrete look more appealing, waxing is applied which produces a shining element into the concrete. These are natural or synthetic resin that is applied at the topmost surface to give a waxing effect.

The element to consider is that when applying concrete curing, no other material should be applied over the treated material, for example applying tiles, paint, or even plaster.

Mould releasing agent

During construction, a certain mold or shape given structure is used. Although application work is pretty straightforward, although the removing part is not.

To removing the mold without damaging the mold, we use mold releasing agents as construction chemicals in Karachi.

The benefits of these agencies are to reduces the stiffness over the structure as well as produce a unique texture over the surface. They are usually made from the oil-based solution which is poured down over the mold to reduce its friction during movement.

Form releasing agent

Formwork is an essential part of the construction, although the releasing part is not so much easy. For that, a form releasing agent is used.

By applying the construction chemicals in Karachi over the form, not just makes the surface smoother, it also reduces the frictional strength over the form.

Foam releasing agent comes in oil-based, water-based, synthetic-based, or resin-based.

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Protective coating

The protective coating is a broad term whenever construction chemicals in Karachi are considered. They are applied either over bare concrete as well as a metal sheet.

Chemicals such as polymers, polyurethane, and epoxies are normally used for protective coating. This coating helps make the material more water-resistive and protects from rust for metal sheets.

Another benefit of protective coating is it can help provide security from high temperature and make material inflammable.

Concrete floor hardeners

Although a concrete material is durable when additional durability is needed, we use concrete floor hardeners.

These are applied during the construction process as it makes the floor denser and durable. Most of the time these construction chemicals in Karachi are used in industries and factories where high weight items are used frequently.

A by-product of using concrete floor hardeners is that it also makes the floor waterproof and increases its life duration.

Non-Shrink High Strength Grout

One of the advanced forms of construction chemicals in Karachi is regarded as non-shrink high-strength grout.

These chemicals are referred to as hydraulic cement grout which is applied over the surface where the surface is needed to have more durability than normal.

A way to check how hardened a floor is after the application of non-shrink high strength grout is through checking its psi, where a typical strength increased from 3,000 psi to 14,000 psi in 28 days.

Surface retarders

The role of finishing of concrete is accompanied by water application to make it cure, although it adds up the element of mold creation on various sections of construction.

With the use of surface retarders or deactivators, it delays the surface mortar so that floor cure time is natural without dissipation.

The chemical is applied when the finished work is completed or after the final stages of surface curing work.

Bond-aid for plastering

Most of the bond-air agent is applied over the plaster to help them remove from irregularities such as dirt, oil, dust, or efflorescence.

Most of the compound found which is used to cure plaster surface comes in polyvinyl acetate emulsion.

One of the good things about band-aid for plastering as construction chemicals in Karachi is that it’s non-flammable. Non-hazardous or even non-toxic.

Ready-mix plaster

Plaster is the combination of cement and sand mixture which is most of the time done on the site.

The thing about ready-mix plaster is that it is a ready-made mixture of sand-cement plaster which is happened in a controlled environment.

It is imperative to get a high-grade plaster for construction work or where the construction is needed on model work.

Polymer modified mortar for repair and maintenance

It’s important to add water into the mortar to make it dried up and more strong, but one of the disadvantages of water over mortar is that it adds pores and weak cement.

With the help of polymer-based modified mortar, it’s possible to make the surface more durable, flexible as well as resistant to chemicals.

This polymer-modified mortar comes with all added mixture which is directly applied as plasterwork for construction.

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Tile fixing

As the name suggests, tile fixing is the single most important construction chemicals in Karachi that help joins tiles fixed beautifully over the canvas.

These types of chemicals are applied at the base of tiles to join together without any messy work. They happen to apply in the bathroom, bathtub, kitchen tops, and washbasin.

Guniting aid

Guniting aid is a high pressured based application of fine cement and sand over the surface which is created by inferior workmanship.

The uniting aid comes with slightly moist sand along with cement which is applied with a pressure of 20 N/cm2.

With the nozzle kept at a distance of 720mm, the cement-sand mixture manages to take spaces over cracks and another damaged surface to produce more strength or refined work.

Water repellent

Waterproofing chemicals are known as water repellent chemicals, which is one of the most popular construction chemicals in Karachi.

They are applied over the surface with the help of a brush or roller mixed with cement. The role of these chemicals is to protect the surface from moisture, and other effects of water.

Some of the water repellent chemicals come in the form of water-based silane siloxane water repellents and an acrylic protective coating.

Swelling water stoppers

A water stopper is applied inside the joints and during construction to protect the rebar across your construction.

As the material place inside the joints, water finds it difficult to penetrate the surface which also increases the life of metal bars located inside the surface.

Waterproofing chemicals

The surface which is frequently deal with in water spills, waterproofing chemicals works quite well in that arrangement.

There is more than one type of waterproofing chemical used to protect the surface, namely elastomeric-based and oil-based chemicals.

Most of the people that apply construction chemicals in Karachi for waterproofing are over the roof, basement, water tank, and bathroom.


The adhesive is also considered as a waterproofing chemical that comes in good bonding capabilities, most probably applied during plasterwork.

The adhesive is a popular construction chemical in Karachi that helps in varied solutions such as expansion joints and high-temperature-based materials.

Rebar coating

Like coating used for steel metal with zinc oxide to protect from the harsh condition of rusting, rebar coating is also applied to keep the same culture into practice.

Rebar coating helps increase the life of rebar as well as reduce the dangers of water damages that apply over time. These bars are coated with galvanized material.

Epoxy grouting

Epoxy helps make the surface more durable and scratch-free, especially over factories and industries.

The epoxy material is also effective to protect from water-based damage. All of this is applied over the floor which can withstand harsh environmental conditions as well.

Epoxy coating

Similar to epoxy grouting, the epoxy coating also works to protect the floor from scratches and damages.

Two-component epoxy comes with factory-grade plaster mixed with oil based solution to make it more hardened over time.

Chemical for high-performance concrete

This is regarded as one of the high-value construction chemicals in Karachi as it’s used for arid applications.

High-performance concrete helps the structure to get finished more quickly while retaining more strength without much time needed.

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