How does waterproofing system works

In the fight against the components, waterproofing frameworks stand as quiet gatekeepers, safeguarding structures from the tireless powers of water interruption. A fascinating combination of technology and materials designed to keep buildings dry and resilient is revealed when one understands how these systems operate. How about we dive into the unpredictable operations of waterproofing frameworks. […]

Is Fumigation for Homes?

Fumigation is the process of eliminating pests or bugs in a closed structure. Most people endorse the process, citing high-efficiency and effectiveness as core advantages. Others have certain reservations, primarily related to health and safety. In this article, we will discuss the process in detail and provide some tips to ensure a salubrious environment. Effective […]

How many Layers of Waterproofing Should be Applied?

Layering the surface is an intricate task for waterproofing experts. It requires a thorough understanding of the climatic conditions, surface moisture levels, chemical mix ratios, and other aspects. In addition, the cost factor is also important. Multiple layers waterproofing ensure robust, safeguarding structures from moisture damage effectively. There are certain prerequisites for applying waterproofing membranes […]

Leaking Balconies

Four Common Reasons of Leaking Balconies

A balcony is an integral part of a house or apartment. To users, it renders a clear display of the outside world. In addition, it also provides a small sanctuary for shrubs and plants to blossom. Therefore, keeping it safe from water seepage or contamination (mold, mildew) is necessary and beneficial. Leaking balconies pose water […]

What is type 2 Waterproofing?

What is Type 2 Waterproofings? Type 2 Waterproofings is a process used to protect buildings against water damage. It involves the installation of a membrane or coating system over the surface of a building or structure to prevent water from penetration. Type 2 waterproofing is used in below-grade applications, such as foundations, basements, and retaining […]

Bitumen and Elastomeric Waterproofing are best for Roof Waterproofing.

Which waterproofing is best for roof?

Nowadays, water leakage in Karachi became a major and dominant issue that ruins the house’s reliability and durability. Waterproofing services in Karachi assure the firm and valuable trademark to a house that lasts for years. While understanding the scarcity of waterproofing services availability, Sky Chemical Services brings you vital and beneficiary roof waterproofing services all […]

Where is the best waterproofing company in karachi?

What is the best waterproofing for Concrete?

The urge to have the house’s concrete waterproof is essential, nowadays the beneficial aspects are noteworthy that every individual in Pakistan would have the benefit out of it. Especially, considering the climate and weather drastic changes and the low-quality use of construction products laid to water leakage and drains, out of which house destruction eventually […]

Waterproofing works on wood

Ways to Waterproof Wood

Wood, the world’s oldest and most popular building material, is used to create some of the most beautiful furniture, cabinetry, and trim work. Some species of wood tend to succumb to moisture and excessive humidity if not protected, resulting in swelling, warping, and even rotting. Fortunately, treatments that protect wood while enhancing its inherent beauty […]

Basement and walls waterproofing services

Waterproofing Basement and Walls

Waterproofing is a process through which you can provide a lustrous coating of different chemicals on surfaces, such as concrete, tiles and others. In this blog, we will discuss various methods related to interior and exterior waterproofing. How Moisture is treated before Waterproofing Moisture is the core issue when dealing with the process of waterproofing. […]