How to apply Heat Paint on Surfaces?

Heat paint protects and enhances the appearance of surfaces exposed to extreme heat. It is applied as a single or double coat on grills, furnace chimneys, exhaust pipes, and industrial ovens. Heat resistant paints can withstand temperatures from 600oC to 750oC. It does not react to flames or heat-producing equipment. Let’s discuss the application process […]


Why does A Warehouse Require Roof Water and Heat Proofing?

Does your commercial warehouse need an effective coating of heat and water proofing? If yes, then contact Sky Chemical Services today! Roof water and heat proofing integrate insulation, reflective coatings, and waterproofing to enhance energy efficiency, durability, and comfort Covering the rooftop to protect essential commodities is a must for every warehouse owner. It helps […]

Does White Cement absorb Heat?

  White Cement absorb is similar to Portland cement in many respects. This product is made from raw ingredients, such as gypsum, limestone, and clinker with little or no manganese or iron. The final color and appearance is affected by several factors: Color of pigment Dosage of pigment Water content Color of cement Color of […]

Roof Heat Proofing Services in Karachi

Do you like to stay in a cool environment and enjoy your time with your loved ones or friends? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Heat-proofing services: Insulation, reflective coatings, and barrier applications ensure temperature control, energy efficiency, and comfort in buildings. Roof Heat Proofing is feasible for residential or commercial structures. It […]

How to Reduce Heat Loss in Your Homes?

Reduce Heat Loss is one of the most important concerns when it comes to making your home comfortable and less expensive to run, whether you’re planning to buy a new construction, remodel your existing home, or simply renovate a room in your home. The less heat loss you have, the less heating you’ll need, which […]