Waterproof Foundation CracksCrevices or ruptures are one of the most common problems in foundation walls, occurring due to poor construction, improper drainage system, plumbing leaks, soil condition, thermal changes, and more. Owners of residential or commercial setups should get it fixed on immediate basis. Sky Chemical Services are the best company in this regard.

Sources of Water Ingress

It is important to identify the source seeping through the foundation cracks. In some cases, the water comes from the outside, in the form of rain or snowmelt. In other cases, the water may seep from the interior section of the structure, such as pipe leaks. Once the source is identified, waterproofing experts need to fix the issue through different tools and techniques.

How to Waterproof Foundation Cracks?

One of the most effective ways to waterproof foundation cracks is to use an epoxy injection. Clean the area with water and fill it with epoxy resin. The resin will harden and seal the crack, preventing water from seeping through.

Another method to waterproof foundation cracks is to use a waterproofing membrane. A waterproofing membrane is a sheet of material placed over the foundation to prevent water from seeping through. There are several types of waterproofing membranes in the market, including rubberized asphalt, liquid membrane, and sheet membrane.

Waterproofing membrane application is carried out using different tools and techniques, such as adhesive, propane gas torch, trowel, and more. Once the membrane is in place, the incoming water is hindered from passing through.

If the foundation crack is located in a visible area, such as a finished basement, a cosmetic repair is used. Experts fill the crack with a sealer that matches with the color and texture of the surrounding. There are several types of cosmetic repairs available, including epoxy fillers and concrete patching.

Ensure that gutters and downspouts are functioning properly. This helps to direct the water away from the foundation and keep it safe from damage. Also, ensure that the place around the foundation is inclined and even.

It is important to be proactive about waterproofing foundation cracks. Inspect your foundation for cracks and other signs of water damage. If you notice any issues, address them immediately to prevent further damage. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your foundation remains strong and stable for years to come.

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Types of Foundation Cracks

Generally, there are two types of foundation cracks:

  • Horizontal cracks
  • Vertical cracks

Horizontal foundation cracks are caused by differential settlement, hydrostatic water pressure from the outside, frost heave, expansive soil, and more. Most foundations are intended to handle the pressure of soil and water. Both poured and block foundations can develop horizontal cracks.

Vertical cracks are less damaging than horizontal cracks; these ruptures do not pose a serious threat. In addition, they can be repaired at low costs. Vertical cracks are caused by settling, foundation movement, or temperature changes.

It’s important to finalize a routine check on your structure by calling up professionals from a reputed company.

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Other Cracks

  • Stair-step cracks

These cracks appear in a zig-zag pattern along the mortar joints in block or brick foundation walls. It is usually caused by settling.

  • Diagonal cracks

Diagonal cracks are inclined at an angle. These lines appear in concrete foundations because of point loads that exceed the compressive strength of concrete.


Waterproofing foundation cracks is a critical task that every homeowner should adhere to. There are several effective methods for waterproofing foundation cracks, including epoxy injections, waterproofing membranes, and cosmetic repairs. It is important to take steps and prevent water from seeping through cracks by maintaining manholes and downspouts.

If your structure has water leaks in the basement or foundation area, contact Sky Chemical Services today!

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