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Basement waterproofing in Karachi is considered as one of the vital solutions to ensure that basement flooding and another form of leakage and seepage are minimized as much as possible.

Although with its importance, it’s also worth mentioning that the time required for Basement waterproofing in Karachi is something we need to be wary off, as people cannot leverage on the actual application and time for their basement to remain inoperable during working. Not to mentioning during a limited timeframe, the work has been rushed and above all done with excellent quality at the same time.

Below are some of the facet required during the basement waterproofing in Karachi and how we can manage to do every task exceptionally well.

The initial survey for the work

No matter which area we are looking at for a waterproofing solution, it’s quite evident to perform a complete survey before the work begins.

The survey is of great importance as it helps the customer to get the most targeted cost of the work, also for the waterproofing contractor to come up with a more directed approach as to how much chemical and abled hands are required for the actual work, thus saving time and a lot of money from the result of it.

The survey is free of cost and should be done on the same day when talked with a reputable basement waterproofing expert in Karachi.

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Procuring products and labor

Once the customers show the green light for actual work, the working of a waterproofing contractor begins.

As time is of the essence in every civil related job, the first thing it needs is to procure necessary chemicals and abled bodies to do the work.

For a good company, the product and labor can be managed by the next day as well the work can begin from the very next day.

Making equipment ready

Simply the material and labor are not enough for basement waterproofing in Karachi. We are also in need of equipment through which the labor will apply chemicals over the leaking basement.

As for non-contactors, the issue comes here, because labor and chemical can be obtained without any issue. But as for equipment, we need to purchase from a hardware store which is an extra cost when done personally.

Proper lightening system

For the basement, the location is usually dark and difficult to work without proper lighting. It’s the job for a customer to ensure that lightening is not a problem over the actual work site because if there is, the cost will increase as a separate light system need to be procured by the waterproofing company.

Dealing in basement waterproofing in Karachi, the light should be bright with maximum power. Because it has been observed that low lumen will hurdle on the actual work, which will take the overall time to its extremes.

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Cleaning the basement

The basement waterproofing in Karachi cannot begin before cleaning the basement thoroughly. The cleaning starts with ensuring that no debris is laying around the area.

Also, if there’s flooding all over the basement, we need to bring a motor to ensure that all water is extracted out of the zone.

The place should be clean and dry to apply the chemical with an excellent result. To same time, if the customer can ensure that basement is all clean and dry, it will only save us more time for the entire basement waterproofing in Karachi.

Mixing chemical for use

Once the area is clean and lightening is adequate, its time to mix chemicals and pour into different buckets for labor to apply it.

The chemicals come in liter bags, which needs to be mixed with cement as well as water to make a waterproofed paste.

That paste will be then applied in the form of several costs all over the surface. But all this mixing takes some time. The better the labor is in terms of experience, the less time it will take overall.

Applying chemicals

Chemical application takes a lot of time because it’s the crux of basement waterproofing in Karachi. The chemical needs to be coated several times. Around five to six times all over. The more the coating, the better the solution customer will get.

In the end, we all need to wait for the chemical to dry up. The work of a waterproofing expert will be over, and from this stage, the homeowner will simply have to wait for a day or two to dry up.

Make sure no water is spilled over the basement to ensure that basement waterproofing in Karachi is done with the best results.

Need to avail basement waterproofing in Karachi for your home?

Experience counts when a customer is looking for a quick solution as well as the solution with the result.

If that is your requirements, simply contact Sky Chemical Services for a quick consultation call and we’ll get our customers up to speed with all details and questions they have.

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