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The damages of leakage and seepage in Pakistan are terrible and it should be resolved sooner rather than later.

Although many people facing such a dilemma are not looking for a solution that costs them much or requires any sort of breakage of walls.

If that’s the case for you, it’s pretty high time to understand how chemicals help to control leakage and seepage in Pakistan?

Stopping the source

There’s always a source for water-based damages if you’re noticing it on a non-rainy day. No matter what solution you opt for, chemical or not, taking of the source of the leakage is the first and most important step to consider.

There might be some form of leakage coming from the bathroom, sewerage lines, water tank, or other elements.

Once we have identified the source if it’s possible to stop the leakage, do that using plumber work. Chemicals can also be used to stop the leakage source, such as bathroom or water tank waterproofing.

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Applying chemicals

Apply chemicals once you’ve stopped the source and your wall or floor starts to show some sign of dryness.

If’s that’s the case, it’s pretty high time to apply waterproofing chemicals over the affected surface where leakage and seepage are a regular thing.

Applying the chemicals is considered the fastest as well as an effective solution in the long run. The application for chemicals is followed only once the selected surface is properly dried up.

Wait for drying up

The first chemical needs to be dried up, simply like we do for regular wall paint. Since leakage and seepage come either on the floor, ceiling, or walls, but with the help of the chemical-based application, there will be a great chance that water-based damage are properly controlled.

Most people are little diverted from the fact that how simply applying a coat of waterproofing chemicals as well as cement can solve the leakage and seepage in the first place.

Because this chemical is tested and proven multiple times, it has successfully accepted by many people, both amateur and experts that waterproofing chemicals work quite well to counter leakage and seepage in Pakistan.

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Additional coats

The complete work of waterproofing chemical application doesn’t end here. Once the area where the first coat is applied, more coats are needed over the surface which is affected by leakage and seepage in Pakistan.

Because waterproofing chemical is a polymer that makes the surface water-resistant, it’s important to apply more strength over the surface.

Additional coats usually add up to around 3 to 4 coats which ensures that leakage and seepage in Pakistan are well under control.

Types of chemical used to control leakage and seepage in Pakistan

There are specially made chemicals that help to apply much-needed water-resistivity over the surface that’s affected with water-based damage.

Let’s learn more about different types of waterproofing chemicals available in the market which improves the dangers of leakage and seepage in Pakistan.


The first chemical in our lists is highly popular and used all over Pakistan, known as acrylic chemicals. The acrylic is a polymer that is transparent in color and is mixed with cement, making it a 2-component solution.

The application which takes place to fix the dangers of leakage and seepage in Pakistan is similar as we apply wall paint, either using brush or roller.

All of this application doesn’t take more than a few hours to ensure that leakage and seepage in Pakistan are greatly reduced for the better.


The name cementitious refers to either cement induced waterproofing chemicals which come in the form of elastomeric chemical.

Because it’s mixed with concrete or cement, this solution works quite well especially if we are aiming towards the concrete-based leakage and seepage in Pakistan.

Want to avail waterproofing chemicals to fix leakage and seepage in Pakistan?

There is a great benefit of availing waterproofing chemicals to fix the dangers of leakage and seepage in Pakistan because it’s cost-effective and doesn’t require any breakage over your walls or roof.

If that’s the case and you’re interested in learning more about the waterproofing chemical in general, simply contact Sky Chemical Services, which is a professional waterproofing and heat proofing chemical solution contractor in Pakistan.

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