EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is the optimal solution for residential and commercial roofs. It is designed from synthetic rubber, an artificial elastomer made from petroleum byproducts. It is available in black and white colors; you can find a variety of thicknesses and widths on the market.

Properties of EPDM Membrane

EPDM roofs last for 25-30 years. Its properties include:

  • Lightweight
  • Wind Resistant
  • Rain Resistant
  • Light & UV Resistant
  • Resistant to Thermal Shock
  • Wide Operating Temperature
  • Optimal for Injection, Transfer Molding, and Compression.

Characteristics of EPDM Membranes

Properties EPDM Membrane
Viscosity (at 40oC) 60-975
Flash Point, COC, (oC) 265-325
Flash Point, PMCC, oC 235-280
Pour Point (oC) -7 to -24
Density at (15.6oC), g/cm3 0.86-0.91
Viscosity Gravity Constant (VGC) 0.79-0.81
Molecular Weight (g/mole) 690-730
UV Absorptivity (260nm) 0.1-2.73
Sulfur (ppm) 4-1676
Refractive Index (20oC) 1.47-1.50
Aniline Point (oC) 122-129
Acid Number (mg) 0.01-0.07
Clay-Gels (wt. %)  
Asphaltenes <0.01
Aromatics 7.7-28.1
Saturates 68.79-91.86

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New Advancements in EPDM Membranes

Despite the challenges of distressing weather, modern EPDM membranes are categorized as ‘one of the most resilient and tough waterproofing membranes’ by global clients. It offers excellent resistance to hail and wind, staying flexible and rupture-less. The membrane stays stable when exposed to varying temperatures.

The EPDM membrane is the only membrane that can function in an unreinforced state. Seaming technology has taken huge strides over previous decades, bringing about innovations like factory-applied and double-sided tape. Moreover, different-sized membranes have also been marketed; 60mm and 90mm membranes, to be specific.

Instead of using nail strips and wood to hold EPDM membranes, plastic nail strips, and extruded rubber were much better options, as sourced by experts. This change helped engineers solve the membrane-break-away issue.

EPDM and its puncture-resistant property has improved significantly over the years. The 45-mil membrane does not provide much resistance compared to the 60-mil. The new membrane adds a supporting scrim to enhance its resistance by 50%. The 90-mil is tougher to penetrate.

The flashing details have enhanced the performance of EPDM roofing membranes. According to a famous magazine, penetration flashing was developed from neoprene (uncured), which was prone to rupturing. Later, the flashing was made from EPDM (uncured), which enhanced the properties significantly: The cracking problem was resolved.

Installation of EPDM Membrane

EPDM membrane is installed in two ways:

  1. Using an adhesive (contact or water-based PVA)
  2. Fleeceback System

N.B. The process does not involve the use of flame.

The installation of EPDM membrane as a roof waterproofing solution requires the following tools:

  • Heat Gun
  • Adhesives
  • Tape
  • Utility Knife
  • Power Roller
  • Flashing
  • Solvent Cleaner

Components of EPDM Roofs

Following are some parts of an EPDM Roofing System:

  • Roof Deck
  • Roof Membrane
  • Adhesive
  • Cover Board
  • Fasteners
  • Rollers
  • Insulation Layer

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Are EPDM Roofing Membranes Recyclable?

Yes, EPDM membranes can be recycled. EPDM materials can be recycled into different products, such as mats, walkway pads, and road asphalt. Besides, this rubberized material is non-toxic in nature.

Modern engineers are using the membranes for green building projects. The term ‘green EPDM’ links to the environmental benefits of the material. (During the hardening process, EPDM membranes can be colored). The combination of EPDM with green roofs restricts greenhouse gas emissions, reduces waste, and minimizes energy consumption.

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