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The disadvantages of leakage and seepage in Karachi are devastating for your home as well as your well-being. It’s of great importance that these two issues need to be get rectified as soon as possible with the help of waterproofing chemicals.

We have listed down some of the highly popular waterproofing products and chemicals used to counter leakage and seepage in Karachi.

2-Component leakage and seepage solution

First and foremost, many people find a 2-component chemical more cost-effective. Not just that, but with different types of roof available in Karachi, it seems 2-component is the right solution to fix water based damage.

We have included some of the best 2-components chemicals used as a top-rated waterproofing solution in Karachi.

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Talking about the best 2-component chemicals that ensure a comprehensive counter for leakage and seepage in Karachi, there’s no better chemical as far as market capitalization is concerned than acrylic.

It’s a polymer-based waterproofing chemical that can counter even the harshest water based damage with ease.

Acrylic is mixed with cement to form a solution, which is then applied as a coat over canvas cloth or as a primer solution.


Another chemical comes into the list of 2-component that help reduce the effects of leakage and seepage in Karachi is none other than Elastomeric.

It’s chemical unlike acrylic, but with better viscosity and effects. Usually, the cost of the chemical is also greater as well as the number of years until the chemical can work to counter the leakage and seepage.

Oil-based leakage and seepage solution

As you have guessed right, the waterproofing chemicals don’t end at 2-components alone, because there are one-component also available.

The one-component is the chemical which is no mixed to any external solution, as the cement of other chemicals for coating purpose.

Let’s learn something more about the oil-based chemicals that effectively reduce water based damage for several years to come.

Cold Bitumen

One of the highly graded chemicals that considers being one-component of great value is none other than cold bitumen.

It’s quite popular especially among commercial and industrial solutions to mitigate leakage and seepage in Karachi.

Its application is also quite easy and doesn’t require any additional mixing like the ordinary 2-component solution.

Hot Bitumen

Hot bitumen unlike cold bitumen is the most effective chemical with a great amount of insured security for leakage and seepage in Karachi.

The chemical comes in the solid form material, similarly like asphalt and tar-based carpeting over the road. It’s heated up to 500 C until the chemical is boiled.

Because it’s a byproduct of the oil-based solution, the product produces highly toxic gas and smoke, which need a professional team of experts with adequate gear.

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Membrane-based leakage and seepage solution

What we have tried to discuss above is the chemical used to counter the effects of leakage and seepage in Karachi.

There is another more advanced form of a solution, which doesn’t come under the category of a chemical, but surely under waterproofing solution.

Not just these solutions can fix the leakage and seepage in Karachi, but it helps to remain cracks across the roof with great effect.

Bitumen Membrane (3mm and 4mm)

The bitumen membrane is a highly contested material that counters leakage and seepage in Karachi effectively.

Although its solution is a little pricy, the life-extension of leakage and seepage protection is also quite long, for up to 10 years.

The bitumen membrane material comes in different width sizes, name 3 mm and 4 mm. Depending on the width, the cost of application also increases.

Other Chemicals

Talking about different types of chemicals which used to fix leakage and seepage in Karachi at an early stage during development, SBR seems to be the right choice in most cases.

As the chemical is a bonding agent, it’s mixed with the concrete during the pouring process and applied all over the structure to withstand the leakage and seepage in Karachi at the ground level.

Want to know more about chemicals that secure from leakage and seepage in Karachi?

These chemicals and materials are all used to counter one thing only, the leakage and seepage in Karachi. If you are looking for a solution to fix the water-based damages at your home, simply contact Sky Chemical Services for a quiet consultation.

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    I called to Mr. Aqib, he is very good person and give me more information about the leakage and water proofing. Also he advice me about our roof water proofing.

    I need some chemicals, Mr. Aqib told me he have all chemicals and materials of leakage and waterproofing. But the prices is very high.

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