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Bathroom leakage and treatment in Karachi is considered a vital service and should be availed by everyone. Because basically, it helps to protect your bathroom from damaging elements like leakage and seepage.

There’s a method which must be adopted by companies who are providing this service in the first place. We have listed down all the steps categorically for bathroom leakage treatment in Karachi for our readers to understand the brass tact better.

Clean bathroom

First and foremost, nothing can be proceeding inside the bathroom if it isn’t properly clean. The cleaning is not for cleaning the tiles or any dirt, but to ensure that no debris is laying over your bathroom.

If there’s any obstacle around your bathroom, that too is cleared up for the chemical application. Your entire bathroom should be free from any debris and obstacle of any kind. It usually takes no more than 10 minutes.

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Tiles grouting

As for waterproofing application for bathroom leakage treatment in Karachi is concerned, tiles grouting is a step that comes the first.

The main reason for grouting is too closed off any opening between the tiles, which is the main culprit of leakage and seepage trouble of the bathroom floor.

The grouting application is done with the help of acrylic waterproofing chemical and white cement. The waterproofing expert applies the chemical with their hands and applies between each tile properly.

Repair damaged areas

It depends on the requirement, but if your bathroom is damaged even with minor cracks, it’s imperative to first repair these promptly.

Talking about the waterproofing experts and the level of repair works they can engage with the name of bathroom waterproofing services, at most they can fill gaps or cracks using waterproofing chemicals mixed with cement.

If the bathroom is extremely in bad shape and needs a heavy reliance on repair works, the waterproofing company needs to hire a masonry to handle the concrete repair before the chemical treatment could commence.

Apply primer

Firstly, for your bathroom leakage treatment in Karachi, the chemical alone is not applied, instead, it’s mixed with cement and then applied with the help of a wall paintbrush.

Depending on the size of the bathroom, usually, it takes no more than 30 minutes to apply the first coat of waterproofing chemical over your bathroom.

Usually, the application takes place over the floor as well as over the walls to a certain height. If there’s seepage coming out from the wall, the washroom seepage control can also cover complete walls.

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Wait for the chemical to get dry

The chemical application needs to get complete airtight with the surface. To do that, the first coat needs to be properly dried up.

As bathroom leakage treatment in Karachi doesn’t have direct sunlight to make it dry quickly, we need to wait for the natural way.

Usually, the drying process takes an hour and helps the expert to further go ahead with the advancement element of bathroom leakage treatment in Karachi.

Apply several coats

For bathroom waterproofing in Karachi, it’s evident to apply more than one coat because to help resist water leakage and seepage to the maximum.

This process can be attained through the application of several coats over the primer coating. You can also test out the chemical effectiveness by throwing away water over your bathroom floor, just make sure it’s fully dry at first.

Pass chemical through the drainage

Talking about the complete bathroom leakage treatment in Karachi, it’s not enough until the chemical is passed through your drainage.

This is possible through mixing acrylic waterproofing chemicals with cement and passing it over the drainage lines.

Through blowing hot air through these lines, that chemical then spread out all over the lines. Make sure to not use water for at least a day until the chemicals are fully dried up.

Looking to try a professional company for bathroom leakage treatment in Karachi?

The use of chemicals for bathroom leakage treatment in Karachi has completely changed the industry of leakage protection. Before that, we need to keep repairing the bathroom until the limit has reached for the bathroom to sustain water-based damage.

For anyone looking the expertise in bathroom leakage treatment in Karachi, simply contact Sky Chemical Services and we’ll make sure to apply the chemical and make your bathroom waterproofed.

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