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Everything revolves around the cost of work. If it comes under our budget, people could find it feasible to avail it, otherwise, it gets out of their pocket. The same can be said for roof leakage treatment in Karachi.

For the same reason, we have created content that helps our readers to calculate the cost for roof leakage treatment in Karachi. Let’s find some of the facets necessary that help experts calculate cost regarding waterproofing chemical application.

Calculate the area of the roof

The first thing you need to make sure of is to check the total area of your roof. Depending on the area size only then we can calculate the total cost applied over roof leakage treatment in Karachi.

To calculate the area of your roof, we use inch tape and measure it around the parameter. It usually comes in square feet, which helps waterproofing experts to charge it per square foot for the work.

The measurement of the roof is not as straightforward as it looks. We need to deduce places over the roof where the chemical cannot be applied. One thing to understand regarding roof leakage treatment in Karachi is that it should be applied to a roof without any disruption of running feet.

Condition of your roof

The roof condition may apply over the total cost for roof leakage treatment in Karachi. This implies the fact that if your roof is extremely dirty, cleaning work is required which is included in the total cost of the work.

Besides the cleaning part, some roof comes as precast while other as plastered. It’s important to include that the roof surface should be plain without any disruptions for the work of roof leakage treatment in Karachi.

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Types of roof

There are different types of a roof over people’s head. Some of the popular ones are concrete and metal. The rate of the chemical application does depend on the type of roof over which waterproofing chemicals are to be applied.

It’s important to understand that chemical application work requires a labor force to roam around the roof without any difficulty. There is a certain roof that is weak to take the heavyweight for application experts.

For that cause, we use a ladder and other techniques that add up the total cost for the work.  

Work urgency

When a client explicitly wants work to be completed on record time, this is usually called rushed work. This requires additional hours of working including nighttime. The proper lighting is needed so that chemical application doesn’t get disrupted.

If that’s the requirement of clients, the cost of the roof leakage treatment in Karachi gets upward. Most of the time the chemical-based application work is done under daylight or during the daytime, 

It is also important that there’s no raining forecast during the application work, otherwise, the work will not be completed on time.

Material quality

The material which is applied over the roof has a certain quality of which is available in the market. There is different quality-based material that decides on the cost for the overall application for roof leakage treatment in Karachi.

As there are two major chemicals available for waterproofing solution, oil-based and polymer-based, both materials are either imported or locally made. The quality means how much years’ worth the chemical will retain and protect the roof from the adverse effects of leakage and seepage.

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Coating with heat proofing solution

Based on the requirements from clients, sometimes it’s needed to apply waterproofing and heatproofing chemicals both over the roof.

It’s quite possible but with a bit of technical prowess. Meaning the application of heat proofing and waterproofing follows with heat proofing at the top of the waterproofing material.

Since these two chemicals are applied separately the total cost increased for your roof leakage treatment in Karachi.

Want to avail most cost-effective solution of roof leakage treatment in Karachi

It’s up to the client to avail of the waterproofing chemical solution, but one thing is for certain, there’s no other solution that provides just a solution without spending a lot of amount on it.

If you are interested in availing just a solution for roof leakage treatment in Karachi, simply contact Sky Chemical Services, which offers a comprehensive chemical-based solution that includes heatproofing and waterproofing material.

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