Water penetration in basements can cause several issues like mold growth and structural damage. While exterior waterproofing is one of the most beneficial methods, it is not a feasible option for many. Individuals would rather opt for interior waterproofing, a more practical and workable solution. Let’s discuss the various methods employed in protecting the foundation boundaries of a structure.

  1. Install an Interior Drainage System 

An internal drainage system functions by collecting water from the wall or floor meet. The foundation floor of the basement is fitted with a perforated pipe that collects water and sends it to a sump pump or a floor drain. The water is released thereafter. Interior drainage system can manage hydrostatic pressure and keep the area dry and damage-free.

A sump pump is a vital part of the system. It is installed in a sump pit, a deep hole at the lowest point of the basement floor. The sump pump activates as water enters the pit; the water is directed away from the foundation for work to commence. Sump pumps come in different shapes and sizes, including pedestal and submersible. You can select the optimal one, based on your requirements and estimated water volume.

  1. Interior Waterproof Coatings

Interior waterproof coatings offer an additional defense against water intrusion for foundation walls. These coatings, which are frequently used as paint or masonry sealant, form a barrier that stops moisture from entering the walls. A variety of foundation materials, including concrete, block, or stone, can be coated with interior waterproofing chemicals. Make sure that the walls are clean, dry, and free of moisture or efflorescence.

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  1. Sealant Injection

Foundation wall cracks are entry points for moisture. These openings can cause water to stagnate, overflow, or seep through floors. Moreover, it can augment structural damage. Sealants are made from liquid polyurethane or epoxy; these chemicals can expand and harden, fill spaces and form a watertight seal. For optimal adhesion and long-lasting effectiveness, it’s critical to purchase a high-quality sealant injection manufactured by a reliable firm.

  1. Alternatives to Exterior Excavation

Interior coating is better than exterior waterproofing because of higher safety standards and minimum risk of water ingress. Installing inside footing drains or specialized interior wall panels with drainage capabilities is the core aspect of interior waterproofing. This system involves the use of pipes and drains to find leaks or collect excess groundwater.

  1. Insulation and Vapor Barrier

Two crucial components of interior waterproofing are proper insulation and vapor barrier. Using rigid foam insulation to shield the foundation walls reduces the possibility of moisture accumulation. In addition, temperature and condensation are managed with more accuracy. The installation of a vapor barrier on the sides of foundation walls aids in preventing the transmission of moisture into basements.

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  1. Regular Maintenance

Waterproofing solutions can reduce water infiltration. However, for long-term efficiency, continuous maintenance is necessary. It’s critical to check the seals, sump pump, and interior drainage system for indications of corrosion or deterioration. The waterproofing measures include:

  • Clearing debris from the drainage system
  • Inspecting the sump pump
  • Fixing fractures or leaks


The best remedy for basement water infiltration is the application of interior waterproofing. Installing an interior drainage system with a sump pump, injecting sealants, applying waterproof coatings, considering alternative excavation methods, and using vapor barriers are effective techniques for creating a dry and durable basement. By using these techniques, homeowners can establish a dry and cozy living environment, while preventing water intrusion damage to the foundation.

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