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The application is a lengthy process of anything, especially when heat insulation in Karachi is under consideration.

It’s vital to understand how much time the application of insulation material takes. For this, we have listed some of the popular heat insulation in Karachi and the method by which they are applied over the roof.

Although one thing is clear that insulation material is most of the time used to reduce the high temperature over the roof as well as protect from the harsh effects of heat radiation during the summer season.

Loose insulation

Loose insulation is flakes derived from fiber wool or recycled fiber material. It’s the chunks in scarps that can be laid out to form some sort of protection from heat.

As for why people use loose insulation in the first place, it’s quite easy to handle and above all is cheap.

It’s applied in the filling method and when sections are made, filling them up while sealing them off with any solution will result in fiberglass material to work as heat insulation in Karachi.

The time required to apply this is marginal, as only material procurement and making sections are required, while pouring is not a big deal by a long shot.


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There is various insulation material which comes in roll form. Because it must be lightweight and not as sturdy as other materials in the market, rolls come in fiber or rock wool combined in loose material.

One of the best things about rolls for heat insulation in Karachi is that it takes quite less hassle for application and the wastage is minimum.

When talking about the average time required to apply rolls, most of the time required is to construct sections where these rolls can be inserted without any trouble.


Similarly, like heat proofing chemical used to reflect the sunlight into the atmosphere, the barrier is the same thing but applied at the interior ceiling end.

The barriers can be inserted only on the internal end of the structure, and it must be made from reflective aluminum sheets.

This requires two front challenges to meet properly, one is to handle the barrier sheet without wastage, and the second to handle the sheet with care.

The average time duration is higher compared with other filling-based heat insulation in Karachi.


Masking insulation is a form of masking tape but in a wider cross-section area. Polyurethane insulation is one form of insulation material which is available in a masked form.

One of the advantages of using masking insulation material over the roof is it’s lasted for a higher duration and over time it won’t be deflated now and then.

The application over the masking material takes more time and is only be done for the newly constructed roof.


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Foam spray

The foam spray form of insulation is considered the most diverse form of heat insulation in Karachi. The main reason is the application takes little time and is applied over any form of roof.

The foam spray is applied over both the external and internal end of the home, but most of the time in Karachi it is applied over the external end.

The time applied for form spray heat insulation in Karachi takes no more than a few minutes. Just the setting period might take some time which doesn’t come under the actual working time for heat insulation application.

Paper flakes

The recycled paper can be used for insulation purposes. It’s again applied in the form of filling over the sections just like loose insulation.

Cellulose is usually the heat insulation in Karachi which happens to be available in paper form and is applied through the filling process.

The total time required for the application of this form of heat insulation in Karachi is nothing much only on the end of creating sections.

Looking to apply heat insulation in Karachi for your home today?

In short, the application time required by the heat insulation in Karachi doesn’t take more than a few hours. If you looking to avail of one solution, simply contact Sky Chemical Services for a quick inspection and free consultation today.

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