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Dealing with high temperature during summertime, people are often found to go ahead with availing many solutions that work on the benefit of reducing the temperature, such as roof heat insulation in Pakistan.

Let’s learn more about how roof heat insulation in Pakistan comes into assistance for securing our room at the same time. We have compiled different types of insulation material that are possible to get availed by customers.

Concrete-Based Insulation

Concrete is the common construction material which is around 85% used all over the places. But in its composition, the concrete is a poor insulation material.

To make it work for our rooms as well as insulation material, we usually opt for concrete bricks with hollow space at the center.

The benefit of designing these materials helps in securing insulation over the rooms to a certain extent and is only possible during the construction of new rooms for the first time.

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Where to find the best roof heat insulation in Karachi?

Foam based insulation

There are different mediums through which insulation is applied all over the surface without any trouble. Such of which is foam-based insulation.

When we consider roof heat insulation in Pakistan for rooms, the application needs to be quick and less troubling, to say the least.

Foam-based insulation comes in the form of PU spray foam insulation and it’s applied quite effectively within few hours.

It’s so effective in the long run that most people are completely reliant on the feature of foam insulation for any place, whether it’s for insulation material or another place.

Reflective insulation

During high temperatures, most of the heat comes through the roof and walls. Most of the time, people find it easy to secure their roof first there from roof heat insulation in Pakistan or roof heat proofing chemicals. This leaves the roof all out from the insulation solution.

Another method that operates to the benefit of customers to make their roof completely insulated is though applying reflective material.

We can apply reflective insulation in two forms, apply a bitumen membrane sheet with reflective foil or apply a glass fiber over the roof.

The best method is indeed reflective foil as it works as a waterproofing solution because the bitumen sheet membrane works.

Rigid board insulation

Wood is not just the most used insulation material in the world but also, it’s the oldest of them all. People in the west and highlands prefer to construct their homes using wood for a reason since it makes their walls properly isolated.

That’s being said, having a solid roof heat insulation in Pakistan for wood comes in great assistance for walls as well. But to make it work, we need to construct our room walls using rigid boards or hardwood.

As for existing rooms made from concrete in Pakistan, it’s possible to apply rigid board insulation in low-sloped walls easily.

Fibrous Insulation

There are two major types of roof heat insulation in Pakistan which come under the category of fibrous insulation, name fiberglass, and mineral rocks.

These are a great source of insulation, especially for roofs and their adjacent areas. Application is also done simply by laying out the material in the open with external adhesive material so that all the mineral rocks are properly set in their places.

It can be used for the room as well, at least with the fiberglass material, since it can be applied in the form of a sandwich at the interior end of walls. It’s a few extra construction works but will protect from the high summer season and a reduction in electric bills for several years.

Looking to avail best roof heat insulation in Pakistan to insulate your rooms as well?

There are different types of both natural and manmade roof heat insulation in Pakistan available which we can also use for our room to make it protected.

Such this material, insulation panels, and blanket roll insulation come into consideration which is also applied at the interior end of the room like a sandwich form.

If you have a room that gets a lot hot during summers and looking to avail of roof heat insulation in Pakistan for rooms, contact Sky Chemical Services and we’ll provide the best service you can find in the market.

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