“A reliable heat proofing firm caters to its customers and employees alike”. The importance of a strong relationship between the two is essential to augment business growth and profits. Moreover, the brand reputation and image increase profoundly. Shield your home from scorching temperatures with our superior heat proofing roof solutions. If you are looking for a result-driven company for your heat proofing task, get in touch with Sky Chemical Services.

Sky Chemical Services – The Best Heat Proofing Company in Karachi

Established in early 2020, Sky Chemical Services has been the talk of the town for thousands of individuals in Pakistan. Its experts have garnered fame through sheer hard-work and commitment towards projects relating to roof waterproofing, heat proofing, basement waterproofing, foundation waterproofing, water tank waterproofing, and fumigation services.

Besides regular work completion, the company offers astounding after-sales service with several years of warranty. Customers relish the experience with a single call or message to the company’s representatives. Timely services together with long-lasting solutions is the preferred method for water and heat proofing, and fumigation professionals.

Why Choose Us?

Sky Chemical Services have developed a wide customer base in Pakistan, ranging from Karachi to the Northern Areas, including Islamabad and Murree. Our work has been recognized and acknowledged by different organizations and famous personalities. Following are some mandatory aspects as to why you need to opt for Sky Chemical Services.

  • Years of Expertise
  • Efficient Results
  • Customized Solutions
  • High Quality Tools & Materials
  • Professionalism
  • Better Aesthetics
  • Higher Resale Value
  • Regulations and Compliance
  • Warranty & Maintenance

Heat Resistant Paints – Types & Use

Heat Resistant Paints are the most common types of coatings applied to resist heat ingress through roofs and other areas of a closed structure. Following are some types of coatings:

  • Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coverings are applied in heavy-duty areas, where foot traffic is high in quantity. Petrochemical and oilfield companies are some examples. These coatings provide a high standard of abrasion and impact resistance. Epoxies are thermosets, chemicals that do not melt under extreme heat. However, they are kept out of direct sunlight due to the yellowing effect.

  • Epoxy Phenolic

Epoxy Phenolic cures at 350-400oF. These coatings provide strong adhesion, chemical and temperature resistance. After applying epoxy phenolic coating, the flexibility levels decrease while the phenolic levels increase.

  • Epoxy Novolac

This coating is used in tanker and crude oil industries because of its high resistance to acids (oxidizing and non-oxidizing). These coatings function at temperatures between 350 and 360oF.

  • Silicone Coatings

High temperature silicon coatings are applied on boilers, heat exchangers, exhaust stacks, and other appliances. They get dried at temperatures below 350oF.

  • Modified Silicon

Silicon coatings, compared to other heat-resistant paints, are less resistant to extreme temperatures. They work best at around 255oF.

  • Multi-Polymer Matrix

Multi-polymer matrix is a combination of different elements/compounds like aluminum, titanium, and iron oxide. These coatings are categorized as ‘excellent corrosion resistant liquid’ by users around the globe. Multi-polymer matrix paint work optimally at temperatures up to 700oF. It is the best choice for objects or structures under extreme heat.

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