Prior to writing this blog, I was bemused about RCC as to what it actually is? To clear my mind, I read various articles based on the material’s benefits, uses, and other aspects. Protect your property with effective RCC roof waterproofing solutions. After several hours, I was finally able to conclude the topic, resulting in this blog.

Reinforced Cement Concrete is a durable, composite material comprising structural concrete with a supporting material like steel. This combination is used to augment tension and compression resistance of the structure. Besides steel, other materials like glass fibre, and engineered cementitious composite are also used for better support.

What is RCC Roof Waterproofing?

RCC Roof Waterproofing is a process that fortifies the top-layer of a closed structure from water ingress. As concrete is porous, it allows seepage, which leads to structural damage, leaks, and deterioration over time. Apart from residential buildings, RCC roofing is used for commercial and industrial structures as well.

Benefits of RCC Roof Waterproofing

  • Prevents Leakage
  • Increases Durability
  • Preserves Interior Space
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Enhances Energy Efficiency
  • Prevents Health Hazards
  • Aesthetically Appealing

How to Waterproof an RCC Roof?

Following are some of the common steps to waterproof an RCC roof:


  1. Surface Preparation

Clear the surface from dust and particulates before applying the coat. Ensure that potholes and crevices are covered with grout, sealant, or mortar-repair compounds.

  1. Identify Problems

Check the entire roof for cracks or gaps where water can seep through. These areas may include joints between slabs, edges, pipe protrusions, and more.

  1. Select Materials

Choose the right waterproofing materials based on the condition of the roof. Some options are:

  • Liquid Waterproofing Membranes
  • Waterproof Coatings
  • Waterproofing Membranes
  • Integral Waterproofing Compounds
  1. Application

Use a primer or bonding agent (if required). Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully with regard to application methods and mixing. Use rollers, brushes, or sprayers on the surface for liquid components. Apply additional coats for a thicker result.

  1. Seal Crevices & Joints

Use suitable chemicals to cover gaps or cracks. Flexible sealants like polyurethane or silicone work well against minor movements.

  1. Periodic Maintenance

For advanced waterproofing requirements, pursue guidance from experts: Sky Chemical Services are the best source in this regard.

  1. Adhere to Guidelines

Ensure proper ventilation when waterproofing materials are applied. Also, use personal protective equipment (PPEs) as recommended by the manufacturer.

Is RCC Roof Waterproofing Suitable for Pakistan?

Yes, RCC roof waterproofing is used in Pakistan, especially for construction projects. As the country faces monsoon rains and other weather conditions, a serious risk of roof water leakage is prevalent. Various waterproofing materials and methods, including membranes, coatings, and sealants are used in Pakistan to protect RCC roofs and structures from water infiltration.

Why is Waterproofing for RCC Structures Necessary?

High water pressure and water tables in low-lying areas result in leaks and seepage in buildings. Technically, the concrete deteriorates with time and disperses dissolved ions like calcium. For this reason, waterproofing RCC structures becomes a necessity. Proper preparation of the concrete surface is necessary: Contact a reliable firm like Sky Chemical Services for a booking.

So, are you ready for RCC roof waterproofing? Our experts have traveled throughout the country and managed various waterproofing and heat proofing tasks. Some of the cities include:

  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Quetta
  • Sibi
  • Jacobabad
  • Murree

We also offer after-sales service; the minor defects are cleared accurately. Our professionals use mechanized tools and machinery together with proper PPEs (goggles, gloves, shoes, mask, etc.) To know about the process, cost, and other aspects, contact us via call, email, or message. Our representative will contact you in some hours.

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