Industries that Benefit from Polyurethane Coatings

Due to numerous uses and advantages, many sectors are turning to urethane parts and products. Polyurethane outperforms traditional materials like natural rubber, plastics, and metals in a variety of ways. They offer high heat, chemical, and impact resistance, as well as excellent adaptability. Urethane is becoming the material of choice for parts that must work consistently and withstand rigorous use. One of the most prevalent types of urethane is sheeting. Urethane sheeting may be made for a variety of industries, thanks to a wide range of bespoke compositions. Polyurethane Coatings offer superior protection, durability, and versatility, ensuring long-lasting surfaces resistant to wear, chemicals, and weather.

  1. Construction and Transportation

Polyurethane liners are one of the products made from urethane sheets. These liners are in constant use throughout these sectors and are known for solving various issues during transport. This substance is abrasion resistant along with having high tear strength and vibrational dampening. They extend the equipment’s life and offer longer life cycles as compared to other products. Alternatively, this product offers less maintenance for the machines. The most common applications for polyurethane liners is hoppers, chutes and concrete mixers.

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  1. Automotive

This industry is pacing itself towards vehicles that are less in weight and high in impact resistance and durability. For all these factors, urethane is an excellent choice. It is used in different automotive processes, including vibration dampening, pads, bumpers and gaskets. Some manufacturers even utilize pellets made from urethane to transport parts across the assembly line in order to protect the painted metal.

  1. Metal Forming

Metal forming is a fabrication method in which a forming press applies pressure to a metal item to change its shape and/or surface. In metal forming applications, urethane sheets or forming pads offer a number of advantages, including longer product life cycles, enhanced forming definition, more uniform pressure distribution, and localized forming pressure intensification.

Urethane’s durability allows it can endure high metal forming pressures, allowing it to create more detailed shapes while maintaining a consistent level of output. PSI has a perfect history of mechanical integrity as the premier manufacturer of cast urethane for metal forming press systems. Because our urethane does not scratch or harm the surface, it will protect completed products. PSI offers the capacity to create unique formulations for properties such as tear resistance, rebound and others.

  1. Food Processing Industry

This industry utilizes a wide range of urethane products and parts; from rings and gaskets to chute liners and conveyor guides. It is also the preferred material for covering the cutting surfaces of work areas and table tops as it tear-resistant and self-healing, meaning it does not change its shape under pressure. Lastly, it is also a cost-effective option.

  1. Die Cutters

Die cutting is a fabrication process that utilizes tools and machines to change stock material, such as urethane sheets into custom shapes and designs by cutting the material. Custom urethane sheets allows for high precision and accuracy when it comes to maintaining tight tolerances, which is essential for a successful die cutting project. Die cutting is a cost-effective way to manufacture huge quantities of a product. When compared to machining or molding, die cutters can stamp out a full sheet of urethane seals or rings quickly and consistently at a far cheaper cost per item.

  1. Music and Rehabilitation Centers

Polyurethane Coatings and insulation works well in areas where sound and noise reduction is essential. Some of the potential centers include old-age homes and rehabilitation centers where individuals are prone to peace and enjoyment rather than any rash or obnoxious incident. Also, it can be used in music studios where sound is preserved within the boundaries to amplify its tone and voice.


Polyurethane Coatings and insulation are essential for numerous industries prevailing throughout the world. Some of them include food processing, metal forming and centers for rehabilitation. With numerous properties to give way to its extensive use, polyurethane is considered a great product for industries and individuals.

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