Structural fumigation, commonly known as tent treatment, is a termite control method that involves covering your entire home in a specially designed tent and filling it with chemicals that kill termites. The chemicals used in structural fumigation can penetrate your home’s walls and kill termites that would otherwise be impossible to reach. For removing a termite infestation, this is a viable solution. Because structural fumigation is more disruptive than other termite treatment approaches, it is only recommended when absolutely necessary. It will necessitate making preparations inside your home and leaving for a period of time. Learning the specifics of how to prepare for structural fumigation and what to expect can make the procedure go more smoothly.

What circumstances necessitate structural fumigation?

Structural fumigation is only used in the event of a severe termite infestation. This is not a simple procedure that can be completed in one afternoon. You’ll need to find a place for all of the humans and animals in your house to stay throughout the fumigation. You’ll also need to get rid of or protect any food or medicine you have in your house. An infestation of dry wood termites is one of the most typical situations that necessitate structural fumigation. Unlike subterranean termites, these termites do not require regular contact with damp soil. This allows them to move further away from the ground and consume the wood.

What kind of preparation is required?

Living beings are not permitted to remain in your home during structural fumigation. For the course of the therapy, you must remove all living things from your home. You must also put your food and medications in separate bags made for this purpose. You can also remove those things from the property if you wish to bypass that step. Plastic-encased beds should be removed from the premises or the plastic removed during treatment. These measures are an important part of the structural fumigation preparation process.

How long does it take to fumigate a structure?

The structural fumigation process takes only a few hours. However, there is a time period of waiting once the treatment is completed. Return to your property only if the licensee in charge certifies that it is safe to do so. It can take up to 60 hours from the moment you begin treatment until the time you return home.

Professional pest control technicians recognize how inconvenient it is to prepare for fumigation and then abandon your house for several days. This method will only be recommended to you if it is the most effective way to get rid of termites in your home. More information about structural fumigation can be found on Sky Chemical Services.

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Can Fumigation Cause Damage to my Home?

 Is it a cause for concern if my next-door neighbor fumigated their home?

You don’t have to worry about gases escaping from the tent if your neighbor is having their home fumigated because a certain sort of tent is utilized. The objective of the tent is to retain all of those gases within, concentrating on soaking the house and its internal structure.

The gases employed during fumigation are intended to destroy any pests present, thus any bugs should not be able to escape. However, if your neighbor’s house has been infested with termites or another form of bug, it’s possible that your home will be as well. If you notice your neighbor’s home being fumigated, contact a pest control professional to arrange for a pest inspection of your own.

Is it necessary for me to clean after fumigation?

After fumigation, there should be no need to wash dishes or other household items. You must not ingest any food, pet food, or consumable product that has not been protected or removed prior to the fumigation. Remove any food that hasn’t been sealed and has been left in the house.

What should you do after fumigation?

When you’ve been given permission to return home, don’t go inside right away; instead, stay within the structure. Following the all-clear, take the following precautions to keep safe. Bring any little children or pets back into the house as soon as possible. Do not be the first one into the house if you or a loved one has any medical difficulties. Request that your pest control provider do the following procedures.

Go in and open everything after the green light has been granted. Remove all tape or plastic coverings used by the firm to seal the residence by opening all windows and doors.

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Moving around the fumigated area after the process is safe after a specific period of time. Normally, it takes around 24 to 72 hours to clear the area from the gases involved in the process. However, take caution when using any consumables which has not been protected while fumigation. It’s better that you dispose it off in a garbage can.

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