Many treatments claim to completely eliminate these pests, only to leave you dissatisfied time after time with a new wave of adversaries to contend with. If you want to avoid using store-bought solutions and tackle the chore on your own, “Get rid of termites with our proven and reliable pest control solutions.”

  • Boric Acid
  • Pepper
  • Cardboard Bait System
  • Nematodes
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Vinegar Blanc

Let’s take a closer look at each of your possibilities now that you know what they are.

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  1. Boric Acid for Termite Extermination

Boric Acid is a wonderful place to start if you’re seeking for natural ways to get rid of termites. Boric acid is a natural insecticide and wood preservative that does not kill termites when they come into contact with it. When termites ingest boric acid from their bodies, the acid inhibits them from extracting nutrition from whatever they are eating, no matter how much they eat.

This sort of acid is normally in powder form and can be sprayed straight from the container or diluted with water. When utilizing, it’s a good idea to use a mask and goggles and to be especially cautious around youngsters.

  1. Cayenne Pepper

While cayenne pepper gives a pleasant spice to your family’s chilli, it’s also a termite’s worst nightmare. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, an active ingredient that makes it extremely hot and spicy. This chemical will also kill termites naturally by causing significant nerve damage. Cayenne pepper is an excellent organic termite control agent. If you have a small area with termite problems, try sprinkling the pepper liberally in the desired area and repeating until all of the termites are gone.

Another method is to make a paste by combining vegetable oil and pepper and applying it to any affected area for a few days. Use this strategy for about 4-5 days, then check to see how effective the mixture was.

  1. Cardboard Bait System

Using natural techniques to create a bait system can be a terrific way to get rid of your termite problem. Bait systems can be made in a variety of ways, but one easy one is to use cardboard. Wait for them to infest the cardboard by placing it in the most affected regions. Remove the cardboard and burn it after a while to kill the termites imprisoned inside.

This is not a one-time fix, so make sure to attempt it several times. We propose that you use this strategy in conjunction with a professional poison treatment.

  1. Termite Extermination Using Nematodes

Nematodes (or roundworms) are not actual worms and are so little that they can’t be seen with the naked eye. These worms are effective against a variety of insect species, including termites. Nematodes attack and kill their victim by injecting lethal germs or by parasitizing and then feeding on the host.

The advantage of these worms is that they do not damage wood, are not harmful to people or their pets, and die once the task is over. To use, carefully put the worms into a large bucket of water and gradually blend them together until they are evenly distributed.

  1. Termite Extermination Using Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a special sort of sand that is made up of fossilized algae. It has a wide range of applications, including health benefits. This sand can also be used to kill termites, which is a lesser-known application.

This sand is nontoxic to humans, however it is extremely hazardous to pests. Because the diatoms that make up diatomaceous earth have razor-sharp edges, the particles in this substance are razor-sharp. When these edges come into touch with the pest’s outer covering, they cut through it, allowing moisture to escape from its body. DE pesticides have absorptive properties and absorb all moisture. The delicate water balance of an insect prevents it from surviving.

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  1. Termite Extermination Using White Vinegar

The use of white vinegar is another effective termite-killing approach.

Simply combine the juice of two lemons and a half cup of vinegar in a mixing bowl. Fill a spray container halfway with the mixture. This will be the simplest way to disperse it throughout the afflicted areas. This mixture should be sprayed into the mud holes that serve as entrances or onto the real mounds you observe.

Any wooden structures, fences, or any nooks/corners that these pests might get into are also wonderful places to spread this combination. This combination will sink deep into the crevasses and grooves to kill the termites if done correctly. Spray this combination again for a few days and then check to see whether it worked.


Using different methods for get rid of termites is a handy approach, apart from the regular spraying mechanism. This is especially for those who cannot afford the costs of a servicing or pests infestation team. Some of most convenient methods used are boric acid and white vinegar. Thanks to read about brief instruction on How To Get Rid of Termites.

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