White cement is similar to Portland cement in many respects. This product is made from raw ingredients, such as gypsum, limestone, and clinker with little or no manganese or iron. The final color and appearance is affected by several factors:

  • Color of pigment
  • Dosage of pigment
  • Water content
  • Color of cement
  • Color of cementitious materials
  • Type of admixtures

White Cement – Heat Resistant or Heat Absorbent?

White cement offers high reflectivity as one of its key characteristics. It is preferred in hot and dry climates, especially in cities like Karachi. When used in the construction industry, white cements help to reduce heat transfer. Because of low porosity, it is resistant to erosion, water damage, and extreme weather conditions. During cooler months, white cement becomes a heat-absorbing material; it keeps your home comfortable and safe.

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Benefits of White Cement

  1. Reflective Property

White concretes is appropriate for low-light circumstances, particularly in lodgings, lobbies, and theaters. As a result of its high intelligent record, the requirement for counterfeit lighting is decreased. Furthermore, the energy uses are additionally abridged.

  1. Chemically resistant

White cements is an ideal choice for fountains, swimming pools, and other places. It can withstand the effects of chemicals and toxic substances because of its molecular structure and resistive layers. In addition, white cement does not corrode under tough circumstances.

  1. Reduced Heat Absorption

White concrete safeguards rooftops and different regions from the Sun’s beams by decreasing the intensity force. It can lower temperatures by 8 degrees Fahrenheit, according to research. Guarantee that it is reapplied consistently.

  1. Admixture usage

White cements is compatible with different types of admixtures. Enhancement in setting time, air content, and workability is visibly seen. A clear mix is formed by altering the chemical interactions of water and cement to change the mix. Admixtures are powerful tools that elongates a structure’s life. To ensure a smooth layering of white cement with admixtures, contact Sky Chemical Services.

What is Albedo value?

Albedo is a unit-less quantity that indicates the performance of a white surface, i.e., how much sunlight is reflected by a white surface. The values range from 0 to 1, 0 being the perfect absorber and 1 being the perfect reflector. In case of white cement, the albedo value is in the range of 0.70 – 0.80 (freshly applied) and 0.40 – 0.60 (light-affected)

Utilizations of White Concrete

White concrete is utilized for the accompanying purposes as well as material surfaces:

  • White concretes is utilized for enriching works, floor materials, and decorative substantial items.
  • Used on roads and highways for high reflectiveness and visibility
  • Used for creating cast stones of attractive appearance
  • Used for colored concrete to add inorganic pigments.

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White cement offers various advantages, such as base for paint, heat reflectivity, filling cracks, and more. It is suitable for locations where climate is hot and dry. The final appearance of white cement is affected by water content, color of cement, type of admixtures, and more.

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